The Gift Exchange


Jesus Christ gives life-changing gifts  whosoever follows him as Lord and Savior.  Gifts are in random order.  The links contain scripture promises, a few  prophesies and words from the Lord that relate to each gift from Jesus.  

  1. Gift of love
  2. Gift of spiritual protection
  3. Gift of Eternal Life in Heaven
  4. Gift of power
  5. Gift of joy
  6. Gift of peace
  7. Gift of a sound mind
  8. Gift of living above circumstances
  9. Gift of freedom from co-dependence from others
  10. Gift of ability to forgive others
  11. Gift of freedom from fear
  12. Gift of freedom form anxiety
  13. Gift of freedom from depression
  14. Gift of freedom from grief
  15. Gift of freedom form addictions
  16. Gift of freedom from ego
  17. Gift of freedom from love of possessions
  18. Gift of helping others
  19. Gift of the Holy Spirit
  20. Gift of a church
  21. Gift of patience
  22. Gift of freedom from jealousy
  23. Gift of endurance
  24. Gift of strength in adversity
  25. Gift of spiritual warfare weapons
  26. Gift of deliverance
  27. Gift of righteousness
  28. Gift of sacrifice
  29. Gift of prayer
  30. Gift of hearing God's voice
  31. Gift of financial wisdom
  32. Gift of freedom from guilt
  33. Gift of self-esteem
  34. Gift of  knowledge of your importance to God
  35. Gift of a good night's sleep
  36. Gift of the Christian Bible
  37. Gift of salvation
  38. Gift of continuous cleansing of your sin
  39. Gift of the living Word of God--the Bible
  40. Gift of ability to control your tongue
  41. Gift of telling others about Jesus
  42. Gift of thankfulness
  43. Gift of praise
  44. Gift of worship
  45. Gift of putting life in perspective
  46. Gift of appreciating your loved ones
  47. Gift of appreciating your job
  48. Gift of loving God's creation in nature
  49. Gift of freedom from lying
  50. Gift of freedom from bitterness
  51. Gift of freedom from arguments
  52. Gift of not having to be perfect
  53. Gift of permitting others to not be perfect
  54. Gift of the ability to organize
  55. Gift of the ability to control your thoughts
  56. Gift of freedom from over-eating
  57. Gift of treating yourself with respect
  58. Gift of treating others with respect
  59. Gift of a friend who will never leave you
  60. Gift of a guidance for your life
  61. Gift of living water
  62. Gift of the freedom to be yourself
  63. Gift of permitting others to be themselves
  64. Gift of appreciation for what you have
  65. Gift of trust in Jesus to supply your needs
  66. Gift of entrusting treasured loved ones to God's care on their death
  67. Gift of knowing you are God's unique creation
  68. Gift of knowing you are beautiful
  69. Gift of a lifter of burdens
  70. Gift of a lifter of worry
  71. Gift of Christian fellowship

Six Gifts You Give Jesus

Gifts are should be taken out of their box and used.  These gifts need to be activated by the Christian freely giving their gifts to Jesus.  

  1. Gift of your trust

  2. Gift of your love

  3. Gift of your practice of obedience 

  4. Gift of your practice spiritual warfare

  5. Gift of your faith

  6. Gift of your unconditional willingness to receive help from the Holy Spirit.

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