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Involvement with channeling will accelerate demon possession.  The person engaging in spirit channeling is usually a non-Christian seeking spiritual experiences.   Demonic activity has many variations because the demons pretends to be whatever the person wants it to be.


How does a person get possessed?

The more spiritual sensitivity you have the more open you are to possession.  Risk activities involve  Burn Charming, Pendulum Diagnosis, Yin-Yang, Ghosts, Trance Diagnosis, Birth Stones, Metaphysical Healing, drugs.


Spirit Behavior in Possession

Possession is usually not a total possession. The person usually has the majority of control.  The person can live and function in their life; however, it takes a large amount of control to attempt to live normally.  The spirit is always there confusing the person's thinking clamoring for attention.  Usually the spirit is friendly enlightened, and protective until the person tells it to leave permanently.  Then the spirit gets agitated and begins to show its true nature.  The nature of the spirit is one of hatred.  The spirit then concentrates energy to destroying the person.      


Stages of Possession

These are basic stages of possession taken from not only my experience but from the experience of others.

Partial Influence (hovering demons):  
Spends most of their free time channeling. 
The spirit begins to control and influence the person's behavior and social contacts. 
Friend's and family notice the person's behavior is getting strange.    
Wants to be isolated from friends and family so that they can spend more time with the spirit.

Partial Possession (surface demons):  There is partial control of the mind, speech and some body movements.
Dreams become intense nightmares.
Sleep is constantly disturbed. 
Constant headaches 
Negative Emotions such as fear and hate are intensified.  
Might begin talking to the spirit aloud.  Family and friends may observe the person talking to himself.   
Hears spirit voices that confuse thinking patterns and hinder concentration needed for school, work and normal life activities.
Starts to fear that the spirit's control cannot be stopped. 
Wants isolation from friends and family.
Thoughts of suicide are frequent and uncontrolled.
Faster than normal movements of the head, arms and fingers.  Does not happen all the time--only when the person loses control for a moment.
Speaks out of turn in a social situation. What is said is not related to the current conversation.
Shows agitation by swearing and cursing.   

Total Possession (absorption demons):  
Not able to function in life.  
Needs to be institutionalized or commits suicide.  
The doctors diagnosis is mental insanity.  

Cast out the demons.  Receive Your freedom

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