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Clean Filters
When feeding my tropical fish I unplug the filter for their feeding time (about 15 min.) The filter doesn't pull their food into it. It keeps the filter clean much longer.


Flea Control
The best and most effective means of controlling fleas that hitchhike into your home is to vacuum vacuum vacuum. A moth ball or two in your vacuum canister or bag (2.94 a box) will kill them for up to one month. Putting out mothballs will kill fleas in problem areas. Continue to vacuum in case any eggs hatch afterwards. Also you can bring your pet inside for a short visit to rid your home of fleas. Flea eggs hatch off animals and baby fleas live on ordinary house dust. They only need protein (blood) when they start to reproduce. Adult fleas will jump on the pet, and you can treat them afterwards. This takes more work, but it is safer as it does not use a lot of spray chemicals which can be absorbed into bare feet, and the cost is minimal.


Cheap Flea Prevention

Our dog had a lot of fleas and was scratching so much she had hot spots and her fur was falling out. We used expensive flea shampoo but nothing helped. We started using Lever 2000 deodorant soap and the fleas jumped off of her. Her hair has grown back and she rarely scratches any more. (Always consult a vet before administering any home remedies.)


How to Keep Animals Off Furniture

A great way to keep dogs and especially cats off of furniture is to put double stick tape (preferably poster tape) on the areas you want to prevent the animal from scratching or sitting. It does not hurt the animal, is inexpensive and does not harm the furniture if changed monthly. In time they will learn not to scratch or sit on the area even after the tape is gone. To keep cats from digging in your houseplants, put decorative rocks on top of the dirt.


no Office Visit Fee For Rabies Shots

If you have a pet that annually needs a rabies shot check with your local pet supply store (Petsmart in this area) about discount times. Locally a pet can be vaccinated for only the cost of the rabies shot weekdays from 3:00pm - 5:00pm. That's a tremendous savings, especially if you live in a state where the vaccine cannot be ordered and administered by you. 


Spaying And Neutering Pets

 Check your area for 'snap' Programs or Spay / Neuter Programs by your local spca. I found out that my local spca will send me a certificate (upon receiving payment first) that can be used at my veterinary office for much less than it would have cost me for using the same veterinary doctor/hospital! To neuter our male kitten my cost was only 19 instead of 68!


Puppy Trouble
This is a tip for any puppy owner who couldn't stop his puppy from swallowing something he shouldn't. Recently my pup swallowed a buck-eye (a large seed from a tree). I called the vet emergency line and they said it was toxic. They recommended that I come to their office immediately so they could induce vomiting. I continued to call vets to get a second opion. A different Vet said to put about 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of salt on the back of her tongue and she will vomit. It worked within five minutes and I recovered the buck-eye. Ultimately this saved me a vet trip that could have cost over 100. Always consult a Vet first, every situation is unique.


Multiple Cats
With four cats of our own and fostering a mom and her four babies, odor and cat hair (I vacuum a lot!) are issues. Use long, under the bed, tupperware sweater containers for litter boxes. It tends to mask the odor better because there is more surface area for them to utilize. Also put paper under the scoopable litter and change the paper after you scoop. It prevent urine from building up on the bottom of the container and leaving an odor.


Save Big Money on Kitty Litter
I have many cats--all are inside kitties--and was seeking a way to use litter that was safe (non-clumping) but cheap. I started using Feline Pine (pine pellets) which I loved for the ease of use and pleasant scent, but discovered a way to really save money. The Feline Pine runs about ten dollars per 20lb. bag. I now buy woodstove pellets at my local feed and grain or hardware store (just call and ask if they have them in stock ahead of time). The cost? Woodstove pellets are only $3.99 per 40lb. bag.


Help For Hot Spots
My dog occasionally gets small reddish 'hot spots'. These look like areas that are maybe just getting licked too much. A little dab of Crisco rubbed in once (repeat in a couple of days if needed) clears these right up. It will look like the dog just licks the Crisco right off again but it still works great. No more painful looking spots on Spot! (Note: Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. We make no representation that this or any other tip is advisable for your animal.)


Pamper Your Horse
No expensive shampoos are necessary to make your horse happy! Simply buy regular on-sale people shampoo and use a mixture of dreft and water to dip the tail in a bucket to soak for awhile. Softens the hair and promotes easy combing. For stubborn burrs stuck in manes and tails use vegetable oil let it soak and the burr falls apart in your comb. Avon's Skin So Soft used on both you and your horse will keep you both fly free for an afternoon's riding. Happy Trails to You! (Note: Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. We make no representation that this or any other tip is advisable for your animal.)


Pills For Your Pooch
I have a hard time giving my golden retrievers pills. I found that if I break off an inch or so of a banana and push the pill into it my dogs love taking their pills!


Cheapskate Purebreds
Aim High! Want the best-bred best-cared for pet of all? Be specific when considering the pet of your dreams: color, age, size, temperament matter. Then be flexible. Look through pet classifieds, specialty magazines, and internet sites to see who has pups/kittens for sale. Ask who has the best animals in online discussions. For example, top breeders often have finished showing and breeding their best dogs, and may be willing to part with older dogs, retiring them to a good home. They often have potential champions needing more space, time and attention than is available.


Small Pet Bedding
I save money on litter for my guinea pig bedding by shredding my old bills etc. and then mixing several handfuls of the shredded paper in with the expensive litter. This basically doubles the life of the litter and recycles the old paper. T


Male Cat Spray
I have four male cats who sometimes like to 'spray' their territory. I have a spray bottle with 1/2 cup White Vinegar, one cup of Ammonia and the rest with water. I shake it up and spray, wash the area and then spray again to make sure the area does not smell. I use white vinegar (1/4 c.), ammonia (1/4 c.) and baking soda (1/4 c.) in the wash to clean all clothes that also might have their 'scent' to remove their odors also.


Free Doggie Bones!
Our two huge dogs enjoy real bones although some vets don't recommend them we have always indulged....we find that at our locals grocers, if we go to the meat counter, and simply ask for a 'bone for our dog' they produce wonderful huge bones. Some are shoulder joint bones, etc, but they are enormous and free. Frequently meatcutters keep them behind the counter or in the back. If you ask for a bone for your dog, they generally have one, ask them if they charge for them. If unable to find one, for an occasional treat, check out the meat counter and you may find a huge 'soup' type bone for as low as 25-50 cents. 


Dog Bed
Instead of throwing away our families old pillows and pillowcases, I use them for beds for our dog. I can remove the pillowcase to wash as often as I need to. I air out and wash the pillow as often as needed and when it is necessary I throw it away and use another one. If the dog is the only one ready for a new pillow I can purchase a pair at Sams Club for about six dollars and they last for months. Our dog sleeps just as comfortable as she would on an expensive dog bed, if not better. (This 'bed' is already broken in!)


Protect Privacy/pamper a Pooch

We all understand the usefulness of protecting our privacy by periodically shredding certain documents that we no longer need. But what are we to do with the mountains of shredded paper we produce? Why not donate it to your local animal shelter? The shredded paper is great for lining cages and is in great demand at most shelters. And think about it who's going to go 'pawing' through your personal documents after the shelter is finished with them?!


Cat Hair Removal
To remove most pet hair from furniture, especially cat hair, put on a pair of latex gloves and rub hands over furniture in one direction. Hair will clump for easy removal.


Removing Pet Hair From Carpet
No matter which type of vacuum I use I have found out it is nearly impossible to remove all of the stray hairs my dog sheds on a daily basis. There are a few simple tricks that I found to be helpful. Take a broom and make short 'sweeps' towards yourself over the carpet after vacuuming. The friction helps pull the hair together in a pile that can be easily picked up and thrown away. Another option is to dampen a sponge or rag and wipe across the surface. This will roll the hair together making it even easier to collect.


Cat Furniture Saves People Furniture!
Cats love to scratch things! Their claws need it but our 'people' furniture does not! The carpeted cat furniture that we see for sale to help with this matter can be very expensive (200 dollars and higher!) You can make cat furniture that your cats will love for a fraction of the cost! Go to a thrift store and buy a really beat-up inexpensive piece of furniture. Next, buy discontinued sample carpet pieces (usually the size of a doormat and bound around the edges) at a carpet outlet. It usually costs either one or two dollars each. Spend another dollar on some carpet tacks (be sure they are long enough to hold the carpet down so the cat can't pull it off while clawing at it.) Hammer the carpet into place. If possible, place kitty's new furniture near a window. 


Pooper Scooper
A recycled plastic bag from the produce section and two paper towels make a cheap and effective waste disposal system that is easy to store until needed. Place the paper towels over the feces, put your hand inside the plastic bag, pick up the paper towels and 'calling card' while turning the bag inside out so that the contents end up in the bag. Then tie a knot in the bag and dispose of it in the nearest trash receptacle. It is common courtesy to clean up after your pet!


Make a Great Chew Toy For Dogs Who Like to Chew!
My dog loves to chew and as long as I buy plenty of toys for her to destroy she will leave my furniture alone...but I grew tired of spending all that money at the pet mart. I tried knotting old t-shirts but they don't last long. One day at the hardware store I discovered thick braided, nylon rope. It reminds me of stuff used on boats, water-proof and durable! I bought a foot of that and tied a knot in the middle and one at each end. She loves it! And it lasts much longer than anything else. The best thing is it only cost about two dollars.


Fresh Pets!
You hate the way your dog smells even after his bath? Rinse him with just a little liquid fabric softner in the water and he will smell great for days and his fur will be softer than ever. No more smelly pets!--(Note: Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. We make no representation that this or any other tip is advisable for your animal.)


How to Clean Pet Hair From Furniture
A simple and inexpensive way to remove pet hair from your furniture chairs etc. is to take a damp rag or old washcloth and rub it over the surface. The cat hair (or dog hair) will ball up and is easy to collect with the rag. 


Have You Got a 'Smelly' Dog?
If your dog comes in from the rain or snow smelling like a wet dog, here's a tip that works great for me. After wiping your dog off take a used dryer sheet and gently wipe over his fur. After a few rubs, he will smell dryer fresh!--(Note: Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. We make no representation that this or any other tip is advisable for your animal.)


Yeast Infections in Dog's Ears
I spent hundreds of dollars at the vet's office and couldn't find the source of my dog's ear problems. Someone suggested it might be a yeast infection and to try a cream for vaginal yeast infection. Used one of the over-the-counter creams for one day treatment and put it in every day till almost gone. Problem has not come back. (Note: Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. We make no representation that this or any other tip is advisable for your animal.)--


Chewing Pets
My dog nearly destroyed my house before I finally found something that would keep her from chewing. I tried everything and finally someone suggested Cayenne pepper. Simply sprinkle a little bit abound the areas where your pet chews and they'll stop! Be careful though because does stain a little bit.


Making Your Own Pet Food
If you choose to make your own pet food never use onions. Onions are toxic to many animals.


Cold Water
During hot summer days I would fill my dogs water bowl with ice cubes from my ice maker but would soon run out for the family. Now I take a mid size Tupperware freezer container & fill it with water & freeze overnight. In the morning I drop the 'big ice cube' in her water bowl & refill the container & let it freeze while I'm gone to work & then do the same thing when I get home from work.


Ice Cube Dog Treats

 Anytime we want our dog to get in his kennel we take an ice cube out of the freezer. Before the freezer door is closed our dog is in his kennel waiting for his ice cube! They work great as an alternative to pricey dog treats and biscuits.


Shiny Horses!
Instead of purchasing those expensive 'coat conditioners' and sprays for your horses here's a simple trick. Use a drier sheet i.e. Bounce Snuggle and rub this over a freshly bathed horse. Keeps the dirt from sticking and is not harmful to their coats or skin. Also puts an excellent shine on their coats. Another trick is adding a cup of white vinegar to your rinse bucket....makes their coats gleam and helps to remove manure stains, especially on the white portions!


Yard Cleanup
I always found it very frustrating to try to do 'poop pick-up' with a shovel or scooper so I bought inexpensive all purpose latex gloves. I simply pick up the piles and put into a zip lock bag. Fast easy and sanitary.


Giving Liquid Medicines
Ask your vet to give you a small plastic syringe-type liquid medicine dispenser in case kitty or pup needs a dose of medicine. This device squirts the meds right into the mouth it is much easier to get it all in and easier to measure the dose. I use it for the occasional dose of kaopectate or pepto-bismol for my dogs.


Emergency Cat Shampoo
I have a cat so fat that it can't reach a lot of places to clean itself. It hates baths and taking it to the vet for shampoos costs. I discovered that rubbing the cat down with baby wipes and then combing out loose hair, works very well. He looks better, smells better and even seems to feel better. 



Reuse Ziplocks and Other Bags

For dog owners who want to leave the environment "safe" for little feet: save Ziplocks, bread bags, and nearly every kind of (air tight) plastic bag. Take an empty bag with you when walking Fido. When the dog does it's "business," invert the bag, pick up the mess, pull bag right-side-out then either zip or knot the mess inside. Keep used bags in container outside and toss accumulation out each week with the trash.


Reuse the Toilet Rolls
Instead of buying those expensive little pipes for your hamsters to play and crawl in, you can simply use the empty toilet rolls for them.  And if it is dirty or being chewed on, simply throw them away and replace them again with the rolls. It will definitely save you money and time to wash the pipes when they are dirty. Little windows or doors can be cut in the toilet rolls too! 


Cheap/Fun Pet Toys
Give your puppies hours of fun with empty tightly-capped 20 oz. plastic soft drink or water containers.  When you tire of the noise or he is no longer interested, pitch it in the recycle box.


Natural, Cheap Stain/Odor Remover
I am the proud owner of 3 wonderful cats and this works for dog owners, too. I am very sensitive to animal odors and the only stain/odor remover that I use is white vinegar. I go to BJ's or Sam's Club and buy a case. I use the vinegar straight on all surfaces; wood, linoleum or carpets. Vinegar works in the laundry, too. When I steam clean furniture, I put in a gallon. Not only does this neutralize the odor but keeps your pet from returning to the "scene of the accident". A gallon of fancy stain/odor remover is $25, white vinegar is $3.


Cheap Toys for Your Pets
I go to my local thrift store and buy stuffed animals that are in decent shape. My cost is only about 50 cents per toy. At home, I put the toys in a pillowcase and put them in the washer with one cup of bleach (to kill any diseases like parvo) and detergent. I then launder and put them into the dryer. 



Cat Litter
Seen the price of cat litter lately? I did, and found a way of getting free litter. I shred newspapers and old flyers into strips to use for litter, and the cats don't notice the difference anymore. Get your cat used to the idea by slowly adding the paper strips to his clay litter. Soon you can add more strips than clay litter, then all paper strips. The clay dust made one heck of a mess, but the newspaper is absorbent and seems to cut down the odor, too. No more carrying huge bags of litter for 3 indoor cats.


Dog Treats

Forget those expensive dog treats! Fill a small plastic container with dry dog food and give your dog a bite-size portion for a snack or reward. It's better for your dog's health and a great way to give those pets on a restricted diet a treat, too.


Penny Pinching With Your Pets
I've always been nervous about cutting my dog's nails too short, and am not going to pay the vet to do it! Groomers buy expensive electric filers, but I've found that my Husband's rotary tool (sometimes known as dremmels) with a fine sanding sleeve (they're about 3/4 inch in size) works great and the dog will let you know well in advance if your getting too close to the quick. Also, if you've got doggie dandruff problems, try diluting Avon's Skin So Soft with water in a clean spray bottle and spray it on fido, rubbing it in as you go. This doubles as a tick, flea repellent and smells great as well!


Inexpensive Flea Control
The easiest and cheapest way I have ever found to keep fleas away is to add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog's dish every day. I give each of my dogs canned food in the morning, and the vinegar is stirred right in. Give one tablespoon per dog, no matter what size the dog is. I got this tip from a breeder friend who has been doing this for over 25 years. Fleas would rather be anywhere else than on a dog who ingests vinegar daily!


Reuse Those Old Socks!
When my socks start to become ragged and full of holes, I tie a knot in them and give them to my dog. They make inexpensive toys and keep him from chewing on my furniture and shoes.


Num-Nums for the Kitten
Whenever I open up a can of tuna to make tuna salad, my cat goes postal! She knows she's not supposed to be up on the counter, but she'll jump up their anyway. I started giving her the juice that you drain from the can of tuna, and now she patiently waits at my feet because she knows she's about to have a treat.


Natural Healthy Food for Your Dogs!
An inexpensive way to give healthy food for your dogs is by cooking them yourself. Believe me, they're good balanced food for your pets. Take down this simple recipe. Chicken liver, fish or any meat. Carrots, potatoes, pumpkin or any vegetables and cooked rice. Just boil meat and any two vegetables till soft. Smash them and mix with rice, then serve. You can get lots of chicken livers and fishes for such a small amount of money. Feed your dogs with lots of fruits and nuts and they'll live longer. I got the idea from Carol Brescher Boyle, the author of "Natural Food Recipes For Healthy Dogs". You can visit her site at www.naturaldogfood.com.


Scooper Saver
I have a very picky cat who has to have her box cleaned at least twice daily! I have taken an old lidded container, put a plastic sack inside (leave several by the box to use later) and scoop used litter out and dispose of in container with lid on top. Saves time and smell. Usually lasts 2 days. I like big Cool Whip or cottage cheese containers. These are easier to throw away. It's better to use scoopable litter than regular.



Picky Eaters
My cats and dogs will only eat the higher quality food which naturally costs more. I want to give them the nutrients they need so I buy the better food for them. In order to make it last twice as long I also buy a bag of the generic or lower priced pet food and mix them together half and half. My pets love it and don't know the difference! They get their nutrition and I save $$.


Outside Pet Grooming
Why put your outside pets through a cold water bath? I hook the waterbed attachment to the faucet in the bathroom, run the hose through the window and now I have warm water to bath my pets in. This attachment can be purchased in your local department stores. Your pet will thank you.


Cat Shampoo
I Professional groomers and have used every shampoo on the market for cats and found the best treatment available, especially for long haired cat and dogs with greasy coats is "Goop," a hand washing preparation found in the auto departments, followed by Blue Dawn Dish washing liquid, follow through with white vinegar rinse (one cup vinegar to one gallon of water). (Note: Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified vet. We make no representation that this or any other tip is advisable for your animal.)


Sweaters for Tiny Dogs
We buy a sweatshirt from a 2nd hand store (.50 to 1.00) or you can use a used one of your own. Measure dog or pup from shoulder to rump. Measure on sleeve of sweatshirt from cuff to elbow, cut. On both sides of seam on sweatshirt cut two holes for legs. You can cut with pinking shears or hem and add puff paints etc. for decoration. Or leave plain. Some turtlenecks can be used if sleeve stretches.


Pet Food Quality
The recommended daily feeding charts. In many cases you feed the animal AT LEAST 25-30% less when feeding premium brands instead of grocery store brands. Other benefits are that the animal is more healthy (which can reduce vet visits), has a shiny coat and less skin problems, and there is less waste in your yard (great benefit here for large dog owners!).


Ear Infections
If your dog or cat is prone to ear infections, flush the ear canal once or twice a week with a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol. This is great for animals that swim or get bathed often. I even use it on my children after they've been swimming. Fewer doctor visits!


Outdoor Water Dish
I use old bunt pans for my dog's water. I push a wooden stick through the hole in the middle of the pan into the ground to keep the pan from turning over. The pan can be lifted off for cleaning but wont tip over accidentally by the dog.


Save Your Mattresses
I found a great way to save the underneath of your box springs from the wear and tear of animals. My cat used to crawl underneath the box springs make a hole and get inside and hide or scratch at the filling/stuffing. This can be very expensive and tacking or stapling the interfacing cover didn't work because he would just make another hole. I decided to try a fitted sheet. By putting it on the underneath of the box spring it keeps the cat out of there, or any other small animal that likes to play hide and seek.


Cheaper Cat Litter
Instead of buying bags of expensive cat litter, go to a bulk buying store like Sam's Club and go to the automotive department. You can get a big bag of the clay used for making your driveway less slippery. It's the same stuff, without the perfume. It's cheaper and it's also better for your cat.


Fresh Kitty Litter
I clean the litter box daily of scoopable litter. Then once a week I sprinkle in about 1/2 cup baking soda. I don't have to change the litter for two weeks ... with no odor in between. But I only have one cat ... I would imagine it would require more frequent maintenance with more cats.


Budget Pet Bed
To make an inexpensive pet bed, take a large plastic laundry basket, (oval looks nicest but rectangular will work) and cut an opening in the middle through the top edge and mesh part from top to bottom on one of the long sides. The cut-out part should be about one-third the width of that side. Use a bed pillow covered in a pillowcase for the bottom. It's washable and can be color-coordinated to fit the decor of the room. Use a broken laundry basket and adjust the cut-out part to fit that area for greatest savings.


Don't Let Your Puppy Chew You Out...
If your puppy is a chewer...and they all are!! Try bitter apple spray, found in most pet stores, squirt this on your shoes or your furniture or even your hands and arms when that puppy tries to chew on them. Whatever you have sprayed then tastes bad and he won't chew, anything but his toys. This has saved us hundreds of dollars, as our big, busy dog loves to chew!! This also works to prevent excessive barking.


Pet Hair Clean-up

Every day in the mountain of junk mail I receive there is included some paper-backed self adhesive material. The stuff used for self adhesive address labels and stickers and so forth. I keep these in one place and then when I have a pet hair accumulation on some material, I use them like they were the expensive pet hair clean-up rollers you could buy. This not only saves me money but cuts down on the waste that comes each day in the mail.


Quick Wash for Pets
Take a spray bottle and mix 3-tablespoons of baking soda, 1-teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, Optional 1-teaspoon baby oil. Spray liberally on dog, wipe dry with damp cloth or towel. This will clean up the animal without having to bathe them. It also makes them smell better.


Flea Control
Several years ago I read a Jerry Baker (On the Garden Line) tip about naturally preventing fleas from bothering pets. All you do is add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to each quart of the pet's drinking water. We have two dogs and have not had any fleas since using the vinegar water. To make it easy to add, I found a pump bottle and tested to see how much of a teaspoon one pump would equal. Then I measured how much water is in a full bowl. I keep the filled vinegar bottle next to the sink and just pump the desired amount into the bowl before filling the bowl with water. It's a lot easier and safer than sprays and chemically treated collars... cheaper, too!


Cheap Vaccines: DIY
Many people seem not to know that you can buy and give your pets their vaccines. This saves hugely over a vet visit! Vaccines can be ordered by mail (e.g. KV Vet 1800/423-8211; I have no connection), or bought in some farm supply stores. My dog's annual shot costs $2.99. Dog & cat vaccines are given subcutaneously, which is easy to do. Your vet can show you how, and give you information on what vaccine to purchase. Or ask a breeder or kennel owner. Two warnings: some places (e.g. kennels) may hassle you; they prefer a vet's records to your word to know a pet is vaccinated. And in many states you can't do this with rabies; state authorities require that vets do that one. Even so, this saves hugely on the cost of the shots and of course, those pricey vet visits.


Keeping Pet Odors At Bay
I share my home with 2 cats and 1 dog. For those of you with pets, you know that sometimes "the smell" is inevitable. Instead of buying those expensive carpet fresheners, use baking soda instead. You can purchase them for 3/.99 and they leave behind an extremely fresh scent that won't offend your 4 legged friends.


Keep the car clean!
Next time you have an extra sheet (full size works good/ depends on size of your car), particularly a fitted sheet, keep it in the back seat of your car. If you spread it out, and (tuck the edges in if you have seats that fold down for a tighter fit) always have it ready when your dog jumps in the back and you won't have to keep running to the car-vac. Once it looks dirty or filled with dog hair it's easy to wash in the washing machine!


Wrapping Cancerous Tumor
My cat has a cancerous tumor on her foot. The tumor grows faster than her skin, so she has an open wound. To keep it clean, I tried putting a baby sock or expensive "non-stick" first aid gauze and ace bandages around it, but those stuck to the tumor and when I took them off, they ripped off scabs too. Both my cat and I were frustrated. I finally put a maxi pad around her paw. This allows the tumor to drain but doesn't stick. It's much less expensive too! Now we're both happy.


Washing the Dog


Get in the shower with doggie, and give him a good lather. After doggie was clean, I took time out to dry him off and send him on his way. I then would jump back in the shower, clean the shower as I lathered up, and a few minutes later, stepped out accomplishing three goals in one. Washing the dog, scrubbing the shower, and cleaning up myself! Not only was this hassle free, easier on the back, less messy, and less time consuming, it saved on water and it was always less stressful for the dog knowing that he was not alone CAUTION: DO NOT TRY THIS WITH YOUR CAT!


Kitty Litter Bags
My indoor cats use scoop litter and I found that grocery bags often had tiny little holes that leaked dirty litter as I carried them to the front door. Meanwhile, I was becoming more and more frustrated with the bags that came daily with our newspaper inside. Then I out two and two together...use the newspaper bags for the litter! The are double plastic so nothing leaks and I feel better about putting them into the garbage bin.


Tips for poor horse owners

You can save a great deal of money by using a self-care stable instead of a full-care facility. You not only get to know your horse better (horses respond better under saddle for people they know and love well), but the exercise you get from mucking your horse's stall is terrific. If your riding instructor is also a reputable horse trainer and your baby needs work, ask her if she can alternate between the two of you -- a lesson for you one week, a lesson strictly for the horse the next.


Shedding Pets
To quickly clean furniture or clothing victimized by shedding pets, dampen a sponge and run it across the surface of the item. This works much better than adhesives like tape, and is less expensive than buying brushes -- and it does a much, much better job!


Flea Getter

This is a natural remedy for getting rid of fleas. Liquefy some orange peels, grapefruit peels, 1 Tbsp. rosemary (fresh is better but dried will do) l pint water all in your blender. Then put mixture in a pot and heat it on low for 15-20 min. Strain liquid so you can put it in a spray bottle. Spray on pets and rub well into the coat. Also spray in the favorite napping areas and carpeting. Do avoid getting into your pets eyes. It works!


Bird Cage Liners
If you own caged birds, you have seen how expensive those bird cage liners are at the store (the gravel paper). Since we like to change the cage liners daily, this option was getting very costly. Instead, we cut up our paper grocery sacks from the store, trimming them to fit the cage bottom. Then we buy a box of bird gravel from Wal-mart and just add a pinch to the paper. This costs almost nothing, and the box of gravel lasts forever.


Reusing the Fish Tank Water
Instead of throwing out the fish tank water when cleaning the tank, use it to water your house plants! It is full of nutrients and will eliminate the need for fertilizing your plants. And you were going to pour it down the drain!


Cat Discipline
To keep our cat from jumping on the kitchen counter or other forbidden places, purchase a small spray bottle (found in the cosmetic section of most grocery stores). Fill with water. When your cat misbehaves, give her a few sprays. Your cat will immediately stop whatever its doing and it's completely harmless.


Easy Nail Care
Save your money and your furniture too by clipping your cat's or dog's nails at home. All you need is a pair of ordinary human toenail clippers and perhaps an assistant to help hold your pet. Gently press the middle of your pets foot to expose the nails and clip them 1/8 inch from the quick vein(usually the darker part of the nail). If you do accidentally cut the quick dipping the nail in flour will stop any bleeding. If done weekly the quick will pull back further and Fluffy or Fido will probably become more cooperative as you groom them regularly.


Bed protector
After one of our cats left a "present" on our bed just before bedtime one night, I decided to purchase a $3 clear plastic shower curtain. We spread the shower curtain on the bed after we get up and take it off just before bedtime. You can hardly see it because it is clear and it keeps fur and other "surprises" off of our bed. It has proved invaluable more than once and is easy to clean when something does happen.




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Christ-Centered Deliverance Center

Inner Healing (Emotions, Mind, Will)

Physical Healing

Spiritual Healing (demonic oppression/possession)

Spiritual Christianity Message Board

Support group for Christians concerning deliverance, healing, spiritual gifts.


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