Hello Everyone,
My name is Connie Williams and this page is about me and my spiritual walk into the good and evil side of the spiritual realm. I have been a spiritual person from childhood through adulthood and do not know if that is an advantage in life. Spiritual people are usually a little different from other people. We have the ability to sense the spirit realm. Most of us know that this life is not all that exists.

Unfortunately, this about me page explains that I entered the spirit realm through the demonic side by using the Ouija Board. There was a four year spiritual battle that took place until the demon finally exited from me. This gave me a knowledge of demons and demonic behavior that needs to be shared. Why? Because this is true personal experience and I do not want any spiritual person to experience the entrance into hell.

Jesus Christ literally saved my life by casting out the demon that possessed me. There was no exorcist present at the time except the ultimate exorcist the Lord Jesus Christ. After I was free, I was so ready to have a spiritual experiences relationship with Jesus. I would attend different Churches and became active in the group Campus Crusade for Christ in college. I did what the church and other Christians told me on how to have a spiritual relationship with God. I read the bible, prayed, praised, fellowshipped but the spiritual connection was weak. I had not changed that much-still doing silly stuff. Why was the connection so weak? Is it wrong to desire a close spiritual relationship with God-to feel His presence, to hear His voice, to have His power in daily life? Where was the power plug spiritually? I had to find the power plug if I was to be a dedicated spiritual Christian.

Time to explore the Christian world to discover the plug in for spiritual Christianity. I participated in “Charismatic” Christian groups and found a stronger spiritual connection. I found the Holy Spirit but anything with the word “spirit” attached was approached with caution. Anyone who knew about me and my demonic experience can tell you that the experience I encountered with the demon spirit made me fearful of accidentally stepping on to the demonic spiritual side. Slowly my spiritual walk progressed and my spiritual connection with Father, Son and Holy Spirit was strengthening.

After being a Christian for many years, I began my training for the deliverance ministry. I ministered on deliverance teams, been a lead exorcist and observed what happened and how demons behaved when they manifested through other people. My pastor used to say “It is OK to hate demons and what they do to people”. Through all the years, my passion to help people with demons has accelerated. Why? Because I hate demons and what they do to people.
Demons desire to be like God. They want to be worshiped and want their words to be heard by God’s people. God gives gifts of the Holy Spirit to His people. God’s gifts are (1Corinthians 12: 1-11) apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles. word of wisdom, word of knowledge, faith. gift of healing, prophecy, helps , administration and a variety of tongues. God gives gifts of His people but He does not give all the gifts to us but separates the gifts per individual for the benefit of the Christian community.

Demons impersonate these spiritual gifts. They pretend to have all these gifts but the result of demonic counterfeits is not love but hate and evil. So be careful in your spiritual walk and know the difference between the gifts from God and a demon impersonating the gifts. You have the responsibility to know the difference as a spiritual Christian.

The reason for my web sites is that you will stay safe and walk straight into the arms of God.
In His Peace,