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Black Sheep-Holy Spirit Thoughts on Emotions

Journaling with the Holy Spirit


There are many times the Holy Spirt shows me a picture. One day I asked the Holy Spirit why I am not naturally friendly toward others and sometimes feel inferior to my Christian brothers and sisters. A mental picture of a black sheep came to my mind. This black sheep was standing alone along the edge of the pasture. The other sheep were white in color. They were playing together and romping in a field.


Are You a Black Sheep?


The Lord said to me, “The black sheep in the corner is you, but look closer at yourself. Take a very close look.” I looked at myself and to my surprise the color was not black but different shade of blue. There were so many wounds on my body and soul. Some wounds are still sensitive and bleeding.
These wounds are deep and numerous that the color appeared black from a distance. The Lord told me that my wound were inflicted since childhood. The wounds are rejection, hurt, wrong choices, isolation, depression, sorrow, and the scares of pain from partial demonic possession. The partial demonic possession occurred when I worked the Ouija Board before I became a Christian.

Then, the Lord showed me another picture of me as a white sheep with all my wounds healed by His gentle hand. He told me that my wound will be healed slowly just as a physical wound heals.  I need to continue to submit to His love, presence and gentle care.
I began to cry and continued to cry when I was alone. The crying was a cleansing and my healing had begun. Relief and freedom came when I finally realized why I am so skittish of other people.


black sheep of God

In conclusion, I share this personal word because others are also black sheep that need to be healed. Most people do not desire to face their hurts that give them wounds. The Holy Spirit will not permit you to avoid taking a close look at your wounds. God wants to heal your wounds gently and lovingly with healing balm in His hands.

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