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Brian's  Story-Black Magic 

I am a regular sixteen-year-old kid. I have a 3.2 GPA, I play football at my High School, and am the Sports editor of the school paper. But I have a very dark past.

Many years ago, my Uncle's brother passed away--in a car accident--at the ripe age of 19. I was so enraged that the God that my grandmother had told me such much about, had taken him, that I decided to ignore Him. This hatred is what allowed me to be extremely susceptible to the influence of an old friend. This friend was a "witch" and was looking for new converts. I was and still am an extreme believer in magic and he told me that I was very strong. 

I, little by little, taught me many things, and soon enough he told me that I should try to be host to a demon. Not just any demon he told me, but one who is as strong as Satan himself. I remember asking, "Why me?" He told me that only I was strong enough... I said OK, and we proceeded with a ritual. Everything was going well until "IT" showed up. It was as black as a star less night, and when my friend (we'll call him JJ from here on out) tried to greet It (its name, I would learn later, was Bezzalthium), he was flung 6-feet across the room and hit a wall. Bezzalthium then extended its hand to me and I accepted it.

For years It corrupted me. I did deeds that I wish that would have never happened. When people angered me, I had my new friend follow them and scare them. When one guy kept making passes at my girlfriend, I nearly killed him. 

I was heading down a downward spiral. Until one fateful day in a men's room.  I was in the restroom in my old school, with one of my best friends and I was talking about something, and I--for some reason--told him about Bezzalthium. That is when he said, "Is he that black shadow hanging on your shoulder?" "Yes, I replied."  "We got to talk to Vanessa (name changed)"
So we did, and she cried. I was like a brother to her and she could not believe that I was "doing drugs!" (metaphorically relating tarnishing my soul, with the drug of demons.)  Then she got every single Christian in our chorus class and we prayed...then the real problems began. When she started I screamed, "NO!" in a voice unrecognizable to my friends and I don't ever remember doing it. Then it was torn from me, kicking and screaming and trying to stop the prayer at all costs.

The next night it returned. It clawed at me and sliced me up really bad every time I fell asleep. When I returned to the chorus class the next day, I was sleepy and shredded, but Vanessa held me and prayed over me as I got a much needed hour of sleep.

It is gone now, I feel its presence once in a while, but it knows that although it won many of the battles during its five year span with me, I was the one who won the war. I have not practiced any witchcraft since, and am a frequent reader of our Lord's Word.




Below are true stories of what happened to spiritually curious people after pursuing the spiritual real.



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