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Deep Spiritual Listening-Holy Spirit Thoughts

Deep spiritual listening is personal word from the Holy Spirit while ministering deliverance and exorcism.   The description of deep spiritual listening to others is like discernment of how to help the person cope. How to read between the words of the person.  Are these the words of a person’s soul or demonic words?   Only the Lord knows for sure and He will instruct in the correct path to follow.

Most importantly, do not preach to a person who is in a deep state of hurt.  The Lord will give you impressions on what to say and how to say your responses.  Take the time to listen even if you need some time in silence.  Do not react with your emotions or automatic responses you think will help.  Wait for the Lord to speak to you. 

Deep spiritual listening needs to be learned and practiced.  Listen to the Holy Spirit before you speak in ministry and in daily life.  You will be an effective representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Deep Spiritual Listening 


There will be time when I desire for you to minister to others by deep spiritual listening. As you listen, I will be like an overlay and covering that information is filtered by the Holy Spirit to you.

First listen to what is being said, then listen for me to give you impressions, thoughts, intentions of what is actually being exposed by the speaker.

Lean not to you own understanding; then, you will not be tricked by responding to others through your own knowledge.  Listen to Me as I warp the words you receive from the person who is speaking into My words.  Listen to me as I give you scriptures to take you dep into the body, soul and spiritual statement.

I will give you discernment to test comments of the person speaking:

  • Is the comment honest and pure?
  • Is there manipulation for a certain type of response?

Pay attention to the speed I present My thoughts in with your thoughts.  My thoughts are consistent with my Holy Scriptures.  I will measure and show you how to respond-either fast or slow.

Through listening to Me, you will encourage and minister to others.  You can become an excellent spiritual listener but you must practice.

Lean not to your own understanding.  I will give you deep spiritual listening.  Walk forward into My will.

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