Do You Live Out of the Bible?


Do you live out the Bible? 

The bible is God’s word and gives direction on how God deals with His people in certain situations.  The Holy Spirit illuminates scriptures that Christians can use in their lives.

Dreams, vistions and personal word from the Holy Spirt

Many Christian dispensationalists believe that all gifts of the Holy Spirit stopped after the last apostle died. As a result of this teaching, the only guidance to be received in present times is illumination of scriptures by the Holy Spirit.  Additionally, the Holy Spirit no longer gives Christians dreams, visions and personal words. Dispensational Christians believe of the above activities are demonic.

There is a serious problem because there are over four hundred different versions of the bible. There are over 2200 denominations that believe their beliefs originate from their  correct version of the bible.    

For example, translation versions do not agree on the meaning of the original language in Greek or Hebrew.  For example, in 2 John 1:1, John refers to the elect lady.  The word elect comes from eklektov eklektos ek-lek-tos’ Elect, chosen, picked out chosen, chosen by God, Choice, select, i.e. the best of its kind or class, excellence preeminent; applied to certain individual Christians.  The word “elect” is in the feminine form.  In other versions the word is translated “chosen”.   Chosen could mean just picked out of a group but “elect” means excellent.

When Christians live out of the Bible-they are heading toward failure. 

All people are sinful and no one is perfect but Jesus Christ.  Believers fail time after time.  We are doomed toward failure.    A partial list according to Romans 1:29-30

  • Unrighteousness
  • wickedness
  • greed
  • evil
  • full of envy, murder
  • strife
  • deceit
  • malice
  • gossips
  • slanderers
  • haters of God
  • insolent
  • arrogant
  •  boastful

Again, Christians are doomed to failure but Jesus Christ covers Christians in His blood.  Most Christians have one or more of the above characteristics.   If you truly love God, He loves you.  Jesus forgives you and continues loving you.  His love is humbling.  No matter how hard you work, Christians will fail and sin in so many ways.

As an exorcist in a deliverance ministry team for over ten years, the most seemingly perfect Christians have serious problems of sin in their life.  I am no different and struggle with sin.

  The Holy Spirit wants to speak to Christians in other ways to refresh body, soul and spirit with direct communication. 

Welcome Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit speaks in dreams, wisions and personal words


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