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Holy Spirit Thoughts on Donkeys Stories


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There are many times the Holy Spirit shows me a picture and I ask the Holy Spirit to increase and interpret the picture.  God spiritually wired His children in many different ways.  Communication with the Holy Spirit that flows in a Christian is vitally important to a victorious Holy Spirit lead life. God wants all Christians to exercise their spiritual senses by hearing His voice, seeing His heart in pictures and speaking forth His word.


The Lord must like donkeys.  In my times of prayer the Lord will give me use a donkey to illustrate how we sometimes react to our daily life.  I was surprised the first time the Lord gave me a donkey story and when the interpretation of the story soon followed.

Jesus Christ Is the Burden Lifter

The Lord recently gave me a vision of a donkey saddled with heavy bundles of packages.   Every day was similar for the donkey. Some of the time it would walk and other times it would crawl.   There were times the burden of packages was so heavy that the donkey fell then struggled to stand up and continue walking.  At the end of a long day, the donkey would go home for a short rest.  The next day, the donkey would saddle the same burdens and begin to walk forward.  Every day was a struggle.  Every day was a chore. 

The Lord showed me that many of His women are like that donkey. His daughters carry  heavy burdens. The Lord Jesus Christ sees these burdens and wants to lift them off His women.  He wants to give freedom and deliverance to His precious daughters of the King.  

We are to spend time in praise and worship.  We are to spend time in prayer telling Him about our burdens and be silent to wait on the Lord.  He will give us insight and instruction through the Holy Spirit.  He will give us order and show us which burdens belong to other people; we cannot carry another person's burden.  He will show us how to put our responsibilities in order and straighten out the messes of our life one by one.  Trust Him.  Lean on Him.  Listen to His voice.  He will lift our burdens by taking some burdens away or by turning our true burdens into blessings.

recording thoughts from God

Donkey's Tale

This donkey is a beast of burden and carries many loads for his owner, but when it roams free it behaves as it likes.  If it is hungry, it seeks food, if thirsty-- water.  It roams with no regard to boundaries or limitations.  

The master of the donkey must fence or tie the donkey so that it will no wander out of the owner's property.  The owner had no fencing and could not tie the donkey because it would twist the cord.  One day, the master had no alternative but to add a portion of cement to the donkey hooves so that it could only walk a short distance and keep it on the owners property. 

One day the owner fenced the property and removed the cement from the donkey's hooves.  The donkey was free but it still moved as if cement were on it's hooves.  One day, the donkey had an itch in it's tail.  It turned to scratch the itch but could not reach it. The donkey was so irritated by the itched it turned faster and faster until it fell down.  There was an insect on it's tale.  The donkey pulled off the insect and when the donkey got up, it began to chase the insect.  It ran after the insect for quite a distance until it understood there was no more cement.  The donkey finally runs in freedom within the boundaries of his master's property.  

We are often weighted down by the heavy cement of responsibilities and circumstances.  When we have Jesus Christ, we are free.  Jesus Christ has taken the heavy cement off our feet.  Sometimes, the Lord will send a little pest or irritation that makes us so irate that we must be free of the irritant.  We try to in vain to release ourselves from the irritant until we seek the Lord.   He tells us that he has been waiting for us to come to Him.  He will not only free us of the irritant but make all our burdens light.  The irritant will be gone and we can run free in the power and protection of the King of Kings!  

Donkey With Blinders

When a donkey is hungry, it goes searching for food.  It finds food in familiar places and eats in addition to being feed by his master.  The donkey searches a great distance for new food and found a patch of good and tasty food. It ate and ate until satisfied.  It returned to the food many times and began to get fat; it refused to eat the food offered by his master.   Soon, it could only move slowly for his master's work.  

The donkey's master found the patch of food that was a great distance and had many turns and paths.  The master put blinders on the donkey so that it could only see a straight path.  The donkey could not find his food with the blinders on his eyes.  Soon, the donkey forgot about the patch of food and only ate what his mater gave him.  The blinders were removed.  The donkey lost his excess weight and began to work efficiently for his master.


Walk ye on My path.  I feed you perfect nourishment for your spirit, soul and body.  Eat my manna every day.  Do not go to the food patch of other people's advice before me.  I give you true manna of My Word.  A perfect balance of nourishment that is satisfying to you.  There will not be confusion, conflicting knowledge, conflicting thoughts.  Come ye. Your way is straight.  Follow Me.  

Proverbs 3:6  In all your ways acknowledge the Lord and He will make you paths straight.

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God gives hunger to communicate with HimThe people of God in the Old and New Testament had visions, dreams, heard God talk to them.  






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