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Eric's  story-Ouija Board

I read your testimony and it brought back memories of my experiences of the Ouija Board. The board would do freaky things in my teenage days like give me dreams of lusting of demonic figures.  I distinctively remember playing it alone one time and I was playing the song Holy Diver by Dio back then I was into heavy Metal and Death Metal. The spirit out of the board told me that it liked the music and I should continue to listen to it also told me I was an old soul and I have been around many centuries that I have a higher purpose in this life it was to do witchcraft and perform spells also led me to believe I was once a high priest druid. 

There was an incident once when I was playing it as a kid with some friends and I asked the board who out all of us was going to die first..well we were under a overhang at this building and the light just blew up the heart shape figure leap into a persons lap while we were playing the board  he got up yelled curses and ran. I also played the Board about 5 yrs ago and I claimed that I was talking to an old friend who passed and revealed some things to me that only I knew about him. Then it asked for my son in which I gave into not knowing the true nature of the board I had let my son play it at seven or eight years old with some friends.  I was there and it was telling him all kinds of things like he 's a second generation soul and his past soul was born in New York also even told him his name when he was born. It was really interesting but also very convincing and freaky.

We were convinced to show respect to the board and it's souls because if we neglected it things would happen.  I remember a time it told me that it felt betrayed because we had not consulted or played it for a while. Well, come to think of it after I stopped playing it I noticed my things were stolen work and home life became even more miserable. One time I consulted when the things were stolen and it revealed who took it and what time that person was going to sell my stuff at 3 am.  Well, I witnessed this first hand by waiting in my car outside this person's house and the strange thing is I hardly even knew this guy but my son knew his girlfriend's son. I did not call the police or anything because I could not figure out how to tell them a Ouija board told me my stolen stuff was to be sold at 3 am later that evening.

I was out of work a year later with a rare skin disease the doctors called Scleroderma it had hardened my skin on my whole right side literally from head to toe. We lost our house and investment property due to unpaid bills and medical expenses I was on a verge of severe depression and hopelessness. I tried anti-depressant and sought a  mental consultant--nothing worked for me. 

One day I met a guy in a marketing company and his wife they were Christians. I took a liking to them and we started working together in marketing but that was just a phase. I was encouraged to seek  a men's group at church to help me overcome and deal with my emotions and struggles.  Well, as I started seeking different churches I noticed some things that I was struggling with were being revealed to me on how to cope with them but yet I was still in pain and under heavy medications. One day, I was invited to a place called God's Mountain and that 's the day the Lord healed me from an incurable disease. After that I continued to come to God's Mountain and I was encouraged to clean house basically destroy everything that is not of Jesus. I found the two Ouija boards I had and destroyed them both in the Name of Jesus and the witchcraft books.  When I had done this the whole entire garage shook and I felt a feeling of freedom then I had to cast out demons in my sons room and another room I did this all in one day. The house and my overall sense of feeling become more peaceful and clear.
I know that  God and the Holy Spirit , Lord Jesus Christ is more powerful than any witchcraft or Ouija boards from my life experiences of the gifts that our Lord has given me. I continually praise and thank him daily.

Thank You Lord Jesus My Savior and Redeemer--Amen!

God Bless,

Eric D.


Below are true stories of what happened to spiritually curious people after pursuing the spiritual realm.





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