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God’s Invitation to Dinner

God the Father's Invitation to dinner

God’s invitation to Dinner was given to me by the Holy Spirit.  Invitation to Dinner was written one  Christmas Eve.  I was thinking about how commercialized Christmas is in our present day. “Merry Christmas” is considered old fashioned.  Christmas is about giving presents to our family.  Some give gifts to their dogs, cats and other pets.  

I am lead to begin a poem.  The poem “Night Before Christmas” keeps coming to my mind.  Why was I thinking about “Night Before Christmas” all of a sudden?      

The Holy Spirit gives me the words of this through spontaneous thoughts.  The words come lightly into my mind-Father God’s Invitation to dinner.  There was no force taking over my hand-just thoughts of love and the presence of God.  Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing the thoughts of our heavenly Father.


God the Father’s Invitation to Dinner

God the Father's Invitation to dinner

The door is now open

The light of salvation burns bright

The invitation to dinner illuminates the night

The banquet hall is ready as the Father patiently waits

Soon His children will be entering through the holy gates

The Holy Spirit gives the hunger

The Holy Spirit gives the call

Al the Father’s children will journey to the hall.

The children dress in their righteous robe

A gift from Jesus Christ the Son

Their hearts are full of thanksgiving

Their  praises have begun.

The children walk with purpose and supernatural delight

Because the Father invites them to dinner

On this glorious night,

The Father counts His children

Entering through His gates.

All children must be present

No one can be late.

Angels are singing praises

There is music from above.

Father and children are united

In unspeakable, triumphant love.

God the Father's Inviation to dinner

Glory to the Father

Glory to the Son

Glory to the Holy Spirit

The dinner feast has begun.


Please share any poems or stories that the Holy Spirit gave to you.  I would love to see your comment.  God bless you and give you His peace.


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