Holy Spirit Visions

Holy Spirit Vision

Holy Spirit Visions are so precious because God is speaking to me through pictures.  How do I know these pictures are from the Holy Spirit?  I know because I do not forget the pictures and what their interpretation.

Holy Spirit Vision can have movement or just one stationary picture.   Personally, many to my visions are mental pictures that will come with an interpretation.  The interpretation may follow the vision or be received after a period of prayer.  

Additionally, one surprising aspect of Holy Ghost pictures and personal words  comes into thoughts lightly.  If I do not watch for them during mediation, they can be easily missed.  The Holy Spirit is gentle.  

Motorcycle- Holy Spirit Vision

I am riding a motorcycle on the top of a mountain.  A person is coming toward me in a pickup truck.  The person got out of the truck and threw me off the motorcycle and over the cliff of the mountain.  I am falling, falling and falling.

Then I hear “Fall deeply in love with Me.” 

Elephant In the Snow – Sins are Forgiven

Holy Spirit picure and interpretationI see an elephant chained to me.  I heard “let the elephant go free.”  I did not want of let it go free.  The elephant is too big and I can not control it.  I am fearful but I let go.  The elephant ran in the snow.  He ran and ran but always stayed in the property.  Additionally, The donkey makes loud, happy, super joyful noises.  He lifts his truck and covers himself in snow.

I spent a week in prayer about the meaning of this vision.  The elephant represents past sins that caused unnecessary pain and burdens.  The snow represents the light of Jesus.  Each burden is exposed, repaired and sin forgiven.  The burdens and sins are gone and the elephant  is gone.

Holy Spirit gives a donkey storyDonkey Story-Jesus Christ burden lifter


The Holy Ghost gave me a vision of a donkey saddled with heavy bundles of packages.  Every day is similar for the donkey.  Sometimes it will walk and other times it will crawl.  There are times the burden of the packages is so heavy that the donkey fell.  It struggled to stand up and continue walking.  At the end of a long day, the donkey would go home for a short rest  The next day, the donkey would saddle the same burdens and begin to walk forward.  Every day is a struggle.  Every day is a chore.

The Holy Spirit showed me that many of His people are like that donkey.  His people carry heavy burdens.  We are to spend time in praise, worship and prayer.  We need to tell Him about our burdens an be silence to wait for His response.

 In addition, The Lord will give us insight and instruction through the Holy Spirit.  He will show us an order which burdens belong to other people.  We cannot carry another person’s burden.  He will show us how to put our responsibilities in order and straighten out the messes of our life one by one.  Trust Him.  Lean on Him.  Listen to His voice.  He will lift our burden by taking some burdens away or turning our true burdens into blessings.

vision of gossip from the Holy SpiritHoly Spirit Vison of My Tongue

I see my tongue and taken out of my mouth.  My tongue is on the floor.  It is wagging and emitting various ugly colors.  There is a fire of black and reddish ugly smoke.  I am repulsed by what I see.

Then I hear, “Control your tongue.  If you know what to do and yet do not do it, it is sin.”

In conclusion, these personal words and pictures never forgotten by me.  If you think I created these words myself, I am not that creative.  I have many more visions and words to share.  If you have any given to you by the Holy Spirit, please share in the comments.  



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2 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Visions

  1. Have you heard can demons act differently what they usually are displayed? I have SO many symptons what people report when demon is oppressing or possessing them and I am very sure I am not mentally ill (tho Im taking meds). Firstly what is different is I have voice talking inside my head all the time. Hes been lying and manipulating me very wicked ways. Hes been telling me hes human who is revenging on me, hes witch who used black magic on me and now that he is god who can control everything. Secondly Ive read bible, went once chuch and have prayed sometimes and it doesnt seem to affect him. He is for sure extreme strong entity so maybe he can stand it. Thirdly he bullies me with little things everyday. For example he makes me say something stupid, makes that I cant come drunk, makes food taste like shit etc. So what Im dealing with? Is he god? I am very mentally ill? Can demon cause this?

    1. Hello, First thing you need to do is ignore the demonic thoughts. Remember you have control of your mind. Every time a demonic thought enters your mind-replace with a good thought, prayer, or scripture reference. This is not an automatic process. Sometimes, it can take much time to get your thoughts back in line. Keep replacing consistently. Take control of your mind back. Please note that it could also be a form of mental illness. Try seeking help from a mental health professional. If that does not help, then go to a church that has a deliverance team.

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