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Please help. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit about 6 months ago. I felt real peace and was able to speak in tongues. Lately, I have very unholy thoughts that keep popping in my head almost constantly. My scalp feels tingly all the time. I have psoriasis but have never had this tingling. I have strange dreams now too.

My dad had schizophrenia before he died and I fear the same thing may happen to me.  Please pray for me or give me any advice. Is anyone familiar with a "counterfeit holy spirit"? Could this be big-time demonic harassment?  I don't know what is happening to me.



My public answer to her on my message board is below:

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit should definitely not be giving you these bad experiences of harassment.  Did you have any harassment activity before the Baptism?  

How did you receive the Baptism?  Did someone "lay hands" on you?  If so, are you acquainted with them?  Do they have the fruit of the Holy Spirit evident in their life?  

Without knowing more facts, you could have the Baptism and still have a demonic spirit oppressing you.  Are you aquatinted with practicing spiritual warfare?  Do you spend time in the Word everyday?  Is there any unconfessed sin in your life?  Are you walking by faith and obedience?  

I know that a few of these questions are kind of personal.  If
you prefer, you can send an email to me for a more private

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear again, but of power
and of love and of a sound mind.  2 Tim 1:7

 I was alarmed after reading this email.  How can a person who loves the Lord receive a counterfeit spirit?   I prayed that the Lord would answer my question.   How can this happen?  My answer from the Lord is on the web page below:   Be a fruit inspector



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