Jesus Said, “My Sheep Hear My Voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”  John 10:27  How do Christians that love Jesus actually hear His voice?  

Many Christians have differing answers to this scripture.  One group might say that we hear His voice through the scriptures.  Other Christians think that hearing His voice comes as a spontaneous thought.  The thought speaks of God in the first person the Christian is in the second person. 

How To Hear His Voice

Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice”.  I claimed this promise because I am one of His sheep and can hear His voice.  I got silent and asked the Jesus what He wants to say to me.  Yes, I began to receive spontaneous thoughts that came to mind.  These thoughts were good thoughts and scripture confirmed.

I researched on if my thoughts are from God.  Ultimately, I found the website of Mark Virkler Ministries.  

When I first began working with a deliverance team, I received this personal word.  Additionally, people that need deliverance hide because many times it is humiliating to ask for help.  They usually know that they are in spiritual trouble.  People hide rather then learn how to fight for their freedom.


Go into the outer rim to pick up and feed My stray lambs. 

The strays that fall. 

The strays that are afraid.

The strays that cannot find My water to drink. 

The strays that do not come fully into the pasture.  They watch others pass in front of them.

My lovingkindness abounds where the strays stand alone.

The strays hide in the bushes and watch for a safe person-a stray like themselves. The person will show them how to walk into safety and protection in the heat of the day and loneliness of the night.  

I give you My light to go now and find the strays.  Show them how to find My love, My power and My joy. The strays are to fully come to Me. Show My pasture and lead them fully into My arms.

In conclusion, Christians need to search for the strays.  Deep spiritual Listening from the Holy Spirit  gives the thoughts on how to minister to a stray.  On the contrary, you do not need to be an ordained minister-just a Christian that loves Jesus and listens to what He has to say.