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Journaling Holy Spirit Thoughts

Journaling Holy Spirit thoughts is more than recording the thoughts during prayer time, scripture reading and meditation.  Journaling is recording a conversation with the Holy Spirit.  

Our God is real and active in our spirit.  I remember the first time journaling Holy Spirit thoughts became active and alive for me.  I am recording my thoughts and prayers after reading the Word of God.   One day, I recognized spontaneous thoughts from my spirit coming into my mind.  At first, I believed these thoughts originated from my mind but the thoughts referred to me in the third person and Jesus in the first person.  The thoughts were beautiful, Godly thoughts,  I decide to record these thoughts in my journal as they come forth from my spirit.

I was skeptical to say the least.  Alter my experience with channeling before I became a Christian, I am sure to test these thoughts carefully with the Scriptures.  Not only were these thoughts confirmed by Bible scriptures but the thoughts tested out by scriptures that were not known to me at the time.


Journaling Holy Spirit Thoughts Was Not Similar to Channeling


  • This activity occurred during prayer, and meditation on the scripture or a time of praise and worship.
  • I had total control of thoughts and could stop at any time.
  • The thoughts were in the form of my inner voice and always comforted, instructed or convicted of sin. (correction not condemnation)


Are the Spontaneous Thoughts a Type of Prophesy?


I reasoned that this must be a type of prophesy.  I shared my journaling Holy Spirit thoughts with my husband and other Christians who said that these stories, writing and visions could be from the Lord.  My Christian friends said many of the journal entries were definitely from God and a few could have been from God or from me.

I continued writing and one day I was watching “Catch the Fire Ministries” on TV.  Mark Virkler was on the program.  Pastor Virkler is the leading expert on hearing the voice of God.  Even though He is an ordained minister and Pastor- he struggles for many years of not hearing the voice of God.

He discussed journaling and describes exactly what I was doing-writing down what God speaks to me through my spirit.  The study guide “Communication With God” very helpful in my journaling.  Additionally, Mark Virkler explains how journaling is vitally important in a supernatural walk with the Lord.


Jounaling Holy Spirit thoughts

Exercise Spiritual Senses from God


In conclusion, journaling is an entry into learning to exercise the spiritual senses God has given all born again Christian.  Journaling beginners should have their writings evaluated by other mature Christians.   Their verification will support your confidence that the writings are from God.

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