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Honor Roll Pages


The Quickened Word: Prophesies and Teachings

Demonization by Chad Taylor

Frank & Ida May Hammond:  Deliverance

Upsteam Ministries:  Prophesies and Teachings

Conversations with Father:  In His Image

In His Truth:  Prophesies and Teachings

Hunter Ministries:  Healing

Andrew Wommack Ministries:  Hear & view solid teachings setup for computer

Prophetic Roundtable Ministries:  Prophesies, Teachings, Poems, Songs

Help Questions for the Hurting: Joyce Meyer

Campus Crusade for Christ

Tehillah Ministries:  Dreams and Visions

Daily Promises


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Christ-Centered Deliverance Center

Inner Healing (Emotions, Mind, Will)

Physical Healing

Spiritual Healing (demonic oppression/possession)

Spiritual Christianity Message Board

Support group for Christians concerning deliverance, healing, spiritual gifts.


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