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Holy Spirit Thoughts on Grief-Do Not Suffer Needlessly

Holy Spirit thoughts on Grief

Holy Spirit thoughts on grief came as I was grieving for my mother after she passed away from a long illness.  I prayed for comfort but did not permit the comfort to come.  I kept crying and grieving because my heart was broken.  I the…

Black Sheep-Holy Spirit Thoughts on Emotions

Journaling with the Holy Spirit

  There are many times the Holy Spirt shows me a picture. One day I asked the Holy Spirit why I am not naturally friendly toward others and sometimes feel inferior to my Christian brothers and sisters. A mental picture of a black sheep came…

Journaling Holy Spirit Thoughts

Journaling with the Holy Spirit

Journaling Holy Spirit thoughts using the spontaneous thoughts, pictures, and stories during prayer and scripture mediation.  I was reading the bible with hardly any reaction.  What was I doing wrong?  I forgot that the Holy Spirit has other ways to speak to me. I read…

Deep Spiritual Listening-Holy Spirit Thoughts

deep spiritual listening

Deep spiritual listening is personal word from the Holy Spirit while ministering deliverance and exorcism.   The description of deep spiritual listening to others is like discernment of how to help the person cope. How to read between the words of the person.  Are these…

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This main website is about spiritual Christian living.  As Christians, we need to connect to the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.  Spiritual prayer, spiritual ministry, spiritual journaling, spiritual power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Many churches will not teach spiritual for fear that you might fall into the demonic realm.  Christians can travel safely to the Holy Spirit connection without fear of being deceived with scripture knowledge and knowledge of knowing the difference between the God realm and the demonic realm.

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Connie Williams

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