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How To Do Self-Deliverance In The Power of Jesus Christ

The blood of Jesus Christ gives Christians access to God's power to cast out demons in the soul.  Learn to recognize the demonic influences in thinking and emotions.  The Holy Spirit will guide the demonized person and give all that is needed for a successful self-deliverance.  Self-deliverance takes a gift of faith and spiritual endurance to continue every day and night in spiritual warfare.   

Self-deliverance may be a time-consuming process when there are no Christian deliverance teams available.  Team deliverance ministry should be sought whenever possible.  A person that has strong demons may have trouble concentrating in active spiritual battle. 

Test Your Mind and Emotions 

  • Is there an emotional reaction of  negative thoughts flowing through your mind?   

  • Do you feel a restlessness or intense thoughts that confuses your mind?


Apply The Blood of Jesus

  • Begin to sing praises and worship Jesus Christ.

  • Be confident that God hears you and His glory is not only in you but resting on you.

  • Begin to utilize your spiritual eyes (imagination) by cleansing yourself in the blood of Jesus.  See your body covered in the blood of Jesus.  See your soul saturated with the blood of Jesus.  

  • You might feel agitated, hear unclean thoughts, an assortment of evil thoughts about hatred, murder, fear and many other negative thoughts.

  • Command the demon in the name of Jesus Christ not to show a reactive manifestation in your mind or body.

  • You must have control and must be confident and strong in your relationship to Jesus to maintain control at all times.

  • Ignore the demonic thoughts and continue covering yourself in the blood of Jesus.

  • Cast out the demons (state the name of the demon if the Holy Spirit gives you the demons name through a word of knowledge) in the Name of Jesus and continue to do so as you quote memorized scriptures that the Holy Spirit places in your mind.

  • The demon will leave permanently when it is sufficiently weakened.

  • Know that the self-deliverance must continue every day until there is a sense of peace in your soul and mind

  • If you feel an outward breath from the mouth or nose, the demon has been cast out.  

  • Continue to soak yourself in the blood of Jesus and pray for revelation to be sure all demons are gone.  There could be more than one demon.  

  • When you no longer have any agitation or unrest  and the peace of God is upon you, then the demons have been cast out.  

  • Continue to fill your being with the Word of God day and night to keep the demon from returning though a spiritual weakness you might have in your soul or body.  

  • Pray for and receive a refreshing of the Holy Spirit to completely fill you body, soul and spirit.

What If the Demon Returns?

  • Continue to meditate on the power of the name of Jesus and soak in the blood of Jesus.  

  • Claim and speak out the promises concerning the power of the Name of Jesus to cast out demons.

  • Pray and fast.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you  why the demon is allowed to return.  Confess any sins that comes to your mind and receive your forgiveness though the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus.

  • Begin to see the blood of Jesus covering your body and soul.

  • Go forward with the deliverance as the Holy Spirit leads you.



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