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Spiritual Allignment Check


 The answers to all these questions should be "yes" in the power of the Holy Spirit not though our own labors.    

Does the Word of God give you revelation or is it like reading a book of history and laws?  

Does the Word of God give pleasure--sweeter than honey?

Are the fruits of the Holy Spirit that consist of love, joy, peace, patience, longsuffering, gentleness, self-control manifesting in your daily life?

Are you spending a minimum of 10% of your free time in prayer, worship, and studying the scriptures?

Do you witness to family and friends?

Do you have confidence and trust God in times of trouble?

Do you move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Do you obey the Lord in giving of your finances?

Are you encouraging, fellowshipping, learning, and ministering to others in a home church?

If most of the answers are "no" then you have  warning signals that is telling you that you are not in alignment.   Ask the Lord what is out of balance.  Be silent.  Permit Him to speak to you through the anointing of His Word, in your conscience, in your "gut spiritual instincts," in your thoughts and impressions, in a new desire to do something that you never wanted to do before, in your dreams and visions.    

When you receive an answer or instruction, be obedient and move forward.  You may not be sure that you heard the instruction correctly and  immediately  begin to measure the answer according to the Word.  The Lord  speaks what is good, kind, pure, of good repute, honest.  If He tells you to witness about Him more and tells you how and to which person, you know that is His general will of all Christians.  Do It Now.

Many times you must walk in the one step you know, after that step in completed then another step is given.  Slowly and perfectly the Lord will place you  in Spiritual Alignment because you will be listening to the will of God for your day, your month, your year and your life.

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