Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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The Christian Spiritual Alignment pages discuss how to hear the voice of God for direction and power in daily life.  In my twenty-seven years of knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, Jesus promised "rivers of Living water" but I could not find it.    I experienced God's touch in a powerful way during the many crisis's  of my life, but my daily walk with Jesus lacked power to be a successful Christian.  

What was missing in my relationship with Jesus?  I had a dramatic conversion--Jesus delivered me from a demon I had invited in by playing the Ouija board.  I was so thankful to Jesus for my deliverance.  I tried to be a good Christian after my conversion.   I read and meditated on the Word.  I prayed and attended church. I tried so hard to be a good Christian.   Yet, I was still critical, controlling, co-dependant, selfish, and could not control my temper.   

Obviously, the problem was not with the Lord Jesus Christ, I knew that Jesus is all-powerful and perfect.  The problem was me.  What was I doing wrong?   

One evening, I was reading in the scriptures about the miracles preformed by Jesus and His Apostles.  I was taught by my current denomination that the miracles were a dispensation to establish the Christian church.  I wanted to believe that was true.  I didn't want to behave like those emotional Charismatics-- yet, I needed the power of God in my life.  Is there a Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

I became frustrated and a little defiant--either the Bible is true or it is not.  It is all or nothing.  I was a woman of determination.    I began searching for a Charismatic church that was not too scary for me.  I began to raise my hands in worship.  I became "Baptized in the Holy Spirit" and started to speak in tongues (quietly and cautiously.)  I attended a classes on the Holy Spirit and prophesy.  The church teachers began to show me how to hear the voice of God and how to obey God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Sometimes, I feel like a baby Christian again.  All the teaching is alive and new with Holy Spirit fire now.  The Lord gave me this concept of Spiritual Alignment as I stepped through my path of searching for his power that was set before me.     


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Baptism of the Holy Spirit




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