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Warning From a Mom


I had an experience a few years back with one that still sticks in my mind. My young cousin came over with her friends with a Ouiji Board and they were playing with it at the kitchen table.   I was cooking in the kitchen kind of chuckling at them as they played. I thought they were just moving the piece around the board and laughed to myself...oh how nice to be so young and naive! Well they asked me to come over and try it and sure enough it worked ...I was amazed, as a non-believer to that kind of stuff.   I was real shocked that it really did work.

That same weekend a friend of mine came over for the evening to keep me company and we took the board out for a little fun. We spoke to the spirit on the board who told us that his name was "Dave", and that he was a fireman that died in 1938 I believe it was while working as a firefighter. We were chatting with "Dave" when the next thing I realized was that my hands were above my head while as I sit on the floor with my friend directly across from me, not even seeing what was happening to me. I could NOT speak or get her attention, with her being only a foot or two away from me. I felt a heaviness atop of me like a dead weight and couldn't talk to get my friends attention, as the board kept her busy by answering her questions. 

Finally, she looked up at me and realized something was wrong...she picked the board up and took it to the top of the basement stairs and threw it over, I was shaken up and really scared to hell. We settled down and had a drink to relax and went to bed. 

The next morning she went down the basement and took the board back up and put it outside in a playpen I had out on the deck. We sat down to have a tea and the deck door was knocked on, got up to answer-nobody there. This happened twice more, that was enough for me I was really freaked out bad, I called my cousin and told her to come up and get it out of my house. 

I wanted to go back and try it again a few times over the years, but the scare of the night was just too real for me to get the guts enough up to do it again. As a mother of two children, I wouldn't advise people to allow their kids to fool with them.  There is something very evil within them.




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